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3 Myths About Classical Music

You have probably never attended an orchestral or classic concert in Los Angeles in California. You probably think it’s all about formality and stuffed tuxedos. But while the music features a rich heritage, it has lasted centuries too due to its broad appeal. Both old and young individuals keep enjoying symphonic music’s beauty. For certain individuals, it’s some immersion into the arts. For others, it happens to be an unusual night out. Whether you happen to be treating your friends and family, entertaining your client, or attempting to make an excellent first date impression, orchestras will certainly offer a memorable night unlike what you’ve been told. This article brings the three top lies about classical music you shouldn’t believe.


You must be ‘all dressed up’ before you can attend any concert

 The reality is that most experts feel that individuals actually enjoy concerts the most when they happen to be comfortable. Formal outfits are not required at all at orchestral concerts. You will certainly see individuals going to see concerts wearing suits, sweaters, khakis, vests, skirts, slacks, in fact, every single thing. There is no specific dress code for attending concerts. All that you are advised to do is wear decent clothing that you feel comfortable in.

Only ‘experts and professionals’ are able to actually appreciate the great music

 The reality here is that, when it comes to this genre of music, there aren’t any experts. Every person experiences music in a truly personal and individual way and, there aren’t any two individuals that feature identical reactions. So, when you attend any of the foremost classical music concerts Orange County Californiafor instance, the way you will experience the show will vary completely from how the person sitting next to you will. Even though there are some individuals that opt to study music as a profession or hobby, the foremost professionals are of the belief that your individual opinion is just as crucial and valid as even their own.

Serious concerts are for only the well-heeled or rich

 The reality for this particular myth is that any form, style, or genre of music certainly attracts varying individuals from every single walk of life, as long as the music is great. Certainly, audiences that listen to symphony are a truly discerning group that is known to appreciate only the best of music that can be gotten. But, it is also a fact that audiences that go to see and listen to the foremost orchestras are truly diverse and they are also welcoming to all kinds of individuals. You will certainly see individuals from all walks of life and from varying classes when you go to see any concert. The audiences for the music genre are made up of individuals that enjoy listening to music and not any particular class of people.

These are the 3 lies that you should never believe when it comes to classical music or any classic concert Los Angeles in California. If you will like to get further information about orchestral concerts, or if you have any questions, all that you have to do is reach out to the experts. They will always help you out.

Compelling Benefits Of Live Concerts And Why You Should Attend Them

Seeing your favorite band or artist perform at a classic concert Los Angeles city is such an exhilarating and life-changing experience. It is one thing to sit at home and listen to music or watch music videos on YouTube but being out in a concert and listening to live music is a different thing and it takes music to another level.


It is more than fun

Attending a live music concert is not all about having fun although fun is definitely part of the experience. Live music concerts can benefit you as a person and your overall well-being. Here are some benefits of attending live music concerts.

Move your dancing feet

When you attend a classical concert, you will not be bored by standing or sitting for long hours. You will have the freedom to stand and dance if you want. There will be breaks to go out and stretch yourself and even chat with your fellow attendees. In classical music concerts Orange County in California, you are also free to bring some pop corns with you to keep your mouth busy.

A feeling of togetherness

If you have ever been to a classical music concert then you will know the sense of togetherness that is there. Out of hundreds of the attendees, you feel like you have a single reason for attending and when the audience starts cheering, it is a sense of community that you cannot get anywhere else.

Discover new music

There is an infinite amount of music out there that you haven’t discovered yet. But you have to find it first and a classic concert Los Angeles in California is one of the best places you can discover new music. When you attend a live music concert, the chances are that there are new artists that you will be listening to for the first time.

A Classical Music Concert Program

The program booklet you get at a classic concert in Los Angeles CA is essential to enjoying the experience. There are a lot of elements you should expect to see in any self-respecting program booklet such as a list of pieces of music going to be performed, an explanation of every piece and the composure including the history, a list of the players, and a biography of the conductor and guest soloists, an advertisement for a bank and so on.

The typical format of a concert

 For unfathomable reasons, the vast majority of orchestras use one tried and true format for most of their concerts. The format is very common and it is almost expected by most of the audience. Typically you should expect an overture, an intermission, a concerto and a symphony. The listing above means that there are three main pieces on a program whereby there is a pause after the first two pieces. This format may be compared to that of eating a meal where you have the appetizer, followed by an entrée and then a dessert. The only exception is that the dessert is nearly two times bigger than the entrée and it will take you only 45 minutes to eat. Otherwise, it is the same.

Now let’s start with an overture. This is a short musical instruction meant to whet your appetite for music. It is normally an actual overture that is stolen from some opera or long-ago musicals. It is a good way of starting a choir concert Los Angeles in CA; a short opening piece is a nice way to give people who came late a chance to come in without missing too much.

The next thing after the intermission is the symphony. This is the longest piece of work on the program. It is almost four movements long. In most cases, symphonies last up to 45 minutes and this is the right length for half of the concert.

Sample concert program page

The orchestra’s name will always appear at the top of the page. After the orchestra’s name, the name of the music conductor or director comes in second. After the name of the conductor or the director of the music, the music itself follows. Here the name of the music to be performed is listed with the name of the original composer of the music. Sometimes, the program page may not tell you much about the composer of the music. It will only list the stage name of the composer. However, if you turn the page and look at the back, you will see the description of every piece of music and a short biography of the composer.

When attending a classic concert Los Angeles in CA, most people would like to know more about the composer of the music. At the back of the program, you will be able to know when the composer was born, where he was born and more. After the intermission, there is the symphony and the title of most of all symphonies will just be Symphony.

Classical Concert Rituals To Help You listen And Enjoy

Hearing live music is one of the most entertaining and pleasurable experiences you can get in classical music concerts, Los Angeles. Hearing music feels great, sounds great and you can watch the musicians as they create it live on stage. Try to listen to any kind of music live and you will understand how sweet it feels. In this guide, we will focus on classical music which originated before radio, recording and the internet. It started back when all music was performed live. During those days, humans performed for other humans with everyone in the same room. Classical music can have a good feel and special excitement when heard in this manner. You can feel energized and refreshed when you listen to classical music at a live concert. It can be romantic, fun and spiritual


Sometimes, classical music can scare you because they can seem to be like snobby affairs that are full of peculiar behavior and foreign terminology. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand what is going on. You can find it difficult to know how to act. If you are always feeling out of place, you shouldn’t worry, we will give you ways to help you understand and enjoy classical concerts. If you haven’t been to any live concert before, we will give you a few rituals that will help you listen and enjoy classical music.

Why concert rituals?

 Every music genre has got its unique rituals. In a choir concert  Los Angeles, we need rituals to help the audience and the performers to get into the musical state of mind. This helps to contain the energy that is being released by the music. Classical concert rituals can be confusing. The rituals have developed over the years in different countries and they date back to societies that were different from our current ones. The rituals are not always the same but we will give you an idea of what to expect. The leader of the violin section in an orchestra is called the concertmaster. He stays at the backstage until the rest of the orchestra is ready to start. The concertmaster then comes to the stage and takes a bow and the audience claps. He then turns to the orchestra gives a sound of a tuning note and the musicians start tuning their instruments. The rest of the audience should stay quiet during tuning.

The conductor will then come to the stage as the attendees applaud. Then the orchestra may stand up and share the applause as the concertmaster who is the representative of the orchestra and the conductor shakes hands.

The conductor then turns towards the players as they sit back and starts the music. The job of a conductor in classical music concerts Los Angeles to direct the flow of music with gestures. They use a little white stick but some use their hands to direct the music. You will only see the front of the conductor again when the first piece is over. This may be a short time or sometimes more than an hour.

Steps That Ensure You Effectively Enjoy Any Classical Concert You Attend

If you aren’t any kind of buff at attending a classic concert in Los Angeles, sitting through the whole of any classical music performance might actually cost you lots of effort. Nevertheless, there are ways by which you can ‘get into the flow’ and truly enjoy the music, even when you are not a trained listener. This article offers steps you can take.


Attend any concerts

 When you buy the tickets, try to make sure that you get orchestra seats. Read the booklet of the program that was handed to you, so that you can acquaint yourself with the director and musicians. Such booklets also contain some information about the composers and their music.

Watch closely

 Watch how the performers move in the flow, lose themselves in their music, sweat, wave, and actually become one with their music. Pay particular attention to components of the orchestra; for example, the conductor could be fabulous to watch. Concentrate on the cello players, wind instruments, or even second violins. Choose varying components of the orchestra to see whether you can hear their specific sound qualities and recognize them. Marvel at the manner in which so many instruments with varied sounds could actually come together and sound that harmonious.

Appreciate solo artist

 Try to imagine the solo player’s brilliance to have gotten this far, being singled out from among a group of other equally brilliant musicians that, are together performing, at whatever classic music concerts Los Angeles you might happen to be attending. Try to actually recognize the reason why their performance is additionally special over and above that of the performance of the orchestra.

All feelings

 One amazing feature of classical music is that it embraces all kinds of feelings; love, rage, guilt, confusion, happiness, sorrow, and so on, and comprises several other genres within it too, like the varying kinds of dances, folk songs, military music, and utilizes varying forms that could be somewhat equated with the varying ways in which types of poems get structured. Reflect deeply on the music and think deeply about your life, and how you actually relate to the music you are hearing. Songs do not necessarily need to feature words for a person to be capable of relating to them.


  • Encourage kids that are learning instruments as music is a crucial part of their life that’s frequently overlooked. Music could bring out a part of them that nobody even knew existed and it gives new meaning to life for some kids. Support their first forays into the world of the orchestra.
  • Find out all you can about the music and its composer, about the conductor or orchestra, about the venue being played in, and so on.
  • Compare varying orchestrations and listen to the variations to help you in deciding the one you like the most.

These are the steps that will help you to enjoy the music and the whole experience when you attend any classic concert Los Angeles. If you can use them, then you will certainly end up becoming a real lover of classical music and concerts even as an untrained listener.

Top Tips For Effectively Enhancing The All-Round Performance Of Your Choir

Besides the choir concert and musical part, there are several aspects to consider when it’s time for your choir to perform. They are tiny details that make huge differences in performance and could make your choir appear professional. They are things to keep in mind and advice for choirs preparing a group for a concert tour. Here are the top tips for enhancing performance.

John's 40th Anniversary Gala

Attitude is everything

 When your choir is singing, it’s quite crucial that all members should really feel what they are singing so they can transmit conviction and composure (they need to make, their audience believe that they know precisely what they are doing, at least). Sing with the conviction that you are actually doing excellent. Even when you feel insecure in any song, you make a mistake or forget your lyrics your face must not reflect your anxiety. If you make any mistake and let it reflect on your face, the audience will surely notice. But when you make a mistake and keep singing with a smile, nobody notices – or even when they do, nobody will know it was you, at least.

Smile always

 It’s a lot more pleasant if you look at an individual that’s having fun with what he or she is doing, smiles, and instils happiness, whenever you go to see any concert. No more singing as if you are afraid, long faces, or as if the conductor is about slapping your face. This particular tip also applies to classical music concerts los angeles even. Besides, your mouth’s aperture whenever you smile causes the sound of your voice to become a lot more beautiful and open than when you sing bearing a serious expression on your face.

Pay attention to your gestures and expression

 You are telling some form of the story whenever you sing. And you need to actually tell the story, not just with your voice, but with your movements and your face too. When you are rehearsing any song at home, sing before your mirror and also rehearse the gestures and expressions that you will like to use. It should be such that you feel will fit a lot better with the music as well as its message. This is one exercise you could also undertake as a group if the room in which you rehearse with your choir features mirrors.

Find a funny sketch or detail

 This makes your audience remember your choir for a truly long time. When your performance is cute, funny, and quite unexpected, any time a member of your audience hears the song you sang during that performance, it’s your choir that will readily come to mind. Get something that actually surprises your audience that will make them to always remember your choir.

It’s hoped that these tips will prove valuable in enhancing the interpretation of your team even if it performs in only a single choir concert los angeles. But the most crucial tip of all still remains that; you should never forget to have as much fun as possible with what you are doing. Enjoy the experience of sharing with the audience and your mates, the music, and the magic of singing in a choir.

Top Things To Consider Before Attending A Choir Concert

One thing I love about attending choir concerts near me is the company that is conducting it. Whether you attend with friends or alone, you will always find someone to talk to. What makes things more exciting is to find a friend of the opposite gender. Choir concerts can be very helpful when you feel stressed. They can help you relax and clear your head. But not all choir concerts are the same. The concerts may vary and some of them might not be good for you. Here are some important things to consider before attending a choir concert.

The performers

There are different bands in Orange County. The bands move different crowds. You have to identify the specific things you like about choir concerts and choose concerts that will meet your needs. What do you like about the performers? You have to answer this question before going to classical music concerts in Orange County. If there is absolutely nothing you like about the performers then there is no reason to attend. But if they are new performers in town then you might want to attend and see what they have to offer.

Perhaps you might end up liking them more than your usual performers.

The cost

Before attending a concert, you must buy a ticket. Some concerts charge an exorbitant amount while others are cheap. If the tickets are expensive, you have to know whether they are worth it. What new things do they bring to the table? Will you be able to get snacks? You have to consider all these things before buying a ticket. Also, it is important to buy a ticket that meets your budget.

The location

One thing I have always considered when looking for ‘choir concerts near me is the location. If I don’t like the location, I won’t attend. Make sure you evaluate the security, the parking and the accessibility of the location.